• SESSION 524: VINYLMANIA 07.13.10

    Played by Charlie Grappone & DJ Monchan

    01. Ray Mang – Big Bambu
    02. Return To Forever – Music Magic
    03. Orsten – Airport Taxi (Fling To Brazil Mix)
    04. Rich Vibes Feat.Mme Abdou – Costa Del Sol
    05. Ilayali & The Soulplanet Jazz Ensemble – Is It The Way
    06. The Manhattan Transfer – Twilight Zone
    07. Soul Central – Strings of Life (Danny Krivit ReEdit)
    08. Orchestra 88 – Manhattan Skyline
    09. Janet Jackson – Together Again

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  • SESSION 516: VINYLMANIA 07.07.10

    Played by Charlie Grappone & DJ Monchan

    01. Paco And Flaco – He’s Here
    02. The Jimmy Castor Bunch – The Mystery of Me
    03. Partners – Partners
    04. Big Apple Brass – Finger Lickin’ Disco
    05. Celi Bee and The Buzzy Bunch – Alternating Currents
    06. T- Connection – Disco Magic
    07. Midnite Flite – Don’t Turn Away
    08. Sassy – Theme From Disco 77
    09. Class – Get Your Chic Together
    10. Bimbo – I Love You In My Life

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    “Vinylmania may have closed the shop doors, but it’s legacy lives on.”

    Owner Charlie Grappone opened the Vinylmania’s doors in 1978. He opened the store with a sparse selection of Rock records, but after crowds from the Paradise Garage started showing up, he realized his market was with the house heads. Vinylmania quickly became the goto spot for house in NYC, eventually spawning a record label under the same name, and it’s legacy began. Sadly Vinylmania closed its doors in 2007 after almost 3 decades of business. Charlie has since moved his inventory into Downtown 161, a record distributor in Lower Manhattan, where he opens one day a week for a select group of shoppers.

    DailySession is proud to bring Charlie Grappone and the Vinylmania crew to you every Tuesday with “The Vinylmania Sound Library” show from the Vinyl Mania Warehouse. The shop might have closed, but they’ll be bringing you all the music you loved when it was open.

    May/4th/8pm Test Drive Show by DJ Monchan

    May/11th/8pm Vinyl Mania Sound Library by Charlie Grappone