NYC’s Plan B Recordings is teaming up with the Algo Rhythm crew to bring you a night of seriously deep dance floor business. Merging Frequencies is an effort to bring together two distinct sensibilities of the local electronic underground for a post-summer celebration.

The uptown label Plan B has slowly materialized over the past 4 years into a purveyor of some of the most dense, heavyweight dance floor sounds on the planet—sounds that have crept into many a record bag as a result. Label head and seasoned house vet DJ Spider has cultivated a sound that pulverizes the past and welds the bits into bass heavy tracks with a jagged industrial edge. His most recent offerings—a pair of collaborations with Chicago’s own Hakim Murphy—show that dark sound refracted into subterranean sci-fi meditations and more upbeat grooving dance floor burners. Spider will be on hand that evening to demonstrate why so many are now paying attention to what he’s spent years building. Plan B label co-head Dakini 9, aka Lola, will also be in attendance to show her side of the Plan B sound—the more meditative and melodic strains. Her discography may be slim, but she brings 15 years of experience behind the decks so expect some deep atmospheric funk delivered via wax—as it should be.

Algo Rhythm organizers JM De Frias of Sequencias and A. Arias will be returning with their bloated cache of black plastic wonderments—and they’re not afraid to use them. You’ve been to their parties, yes? Marcellus Pittman? Sex Tags Mania? DVS1? WT Records? JTC? They have hosted and held their own against them all. So do come early, stay late and get ready for a truly diverse night of some of the finest jams on offer. Also come down to say good bye to Spider as he will be going on tour to Europe right after the party.

Date / Thursday, 11 October 2012
Time / 10:00pm – 6:00am
Venue / National Underground / 159 East Houston St New York, NY 10002
Cost / $10