Electronic Beats sat down and had the opportunity to interview a Detroit Techno Pioneer, Derrick May. Derrick speaks about todays Electronic Music scene, how DJ’s come and go, Who’s responsible for todays “Circus”, and how he still active in the Club scene.

“Wherever the music comes from, if there is no focus behind it then it’s just noise” – Derrick May

Derrick recalls when two men confronting him asking “Ya man your into a Dubstep? So happy to see you play this shit man” and let’s them and everyone know he doesn’t stand behind no particular genre. “It’s Music man, i just dig it. I don’t know where the fuck it comes from. It’s just cool shit” and goes on by saying “It’s cool, i like it, i play it. I don’t care where it comes from. Im happy it is part of some particular movement and Im able to jump on board but i didn’t mean to, I just like Music”. [Read More]