Aqua-Booty! is back this month with more great music to get your groove on with special guest Mike Servito (Ghostly International) who will celebrate his Birthday with us!!!!!!!!!!!

Brought to you by Good Peoples Entertainment, Aqua-Booty! have been serving up the best music in NYC since 1993!

As always residents DJ Spun (Rong Music) and Greg Cuoco (Aqua-Booty Records) will be bringing out the best records in their collections for your dancing pleasure.

Mike Servito:
Mike Servito is a DJ’s DJ — a lifelong music fanatic with a truly unique ability to move a dance floor. Fearless in his seamless transitions from one style to another, Servito has an unpredictability and a deep trust in his music knowledge that has garnered him a cult following and made him an in-demand DJ the world over.

Although Servito is a NYC transplant, his DJ style is unmistakably Detroit. Inspired by Detroit radio of the ‘80s and the city’s local DJs in the ‘90s, Servito came of age in a flourishing electronic music scene, making his debut in 1995 and immediately gaining the attention and respect of his peers and local techno heroes. After a brief hiatus, Servito was lured back into the game through the vigorous encouragement of his close friend Magda, and returned to the DJ realm in 2002. Servito redefined himself, finding inspiration in the new generation of electronic-music producers and DJs.
Mike Servito

In 2008, Servito became the newest addition to Ghostly’s DJ roster, and has happily returned to DJing and traveling the world playing his favorite music

Check out the mix of Aqua-Booty Aqua-Booty
Mike Servito Mix on dailysession