Mixed by Anthony Avatar

Anthony Avatar
Anthony Avatar is the last of a dying breed, a true native New Yorker of almost three decades. Anthony was born & raised in the heart of downtown’s melting pot. Rhythm has always been a fundamental part of Anthony Avatar’s development. He can still call on his earliest memories of his neighborhood… Hip-Hop booming from boom-boxes, Deep House & Disco pumping out of car systems, meringue in passionate flight from apartment windows… and after dark when the mosaic of NYC nightlife seemingly fled to the legendary Roxy. As 1/3rd of the Boogie Brothers Collective, a group that made and played – purely on vinyl – music for people to dance to at spots like Hammerstein Ballroom, Norwood, Hotel QT (alongside Shane Daddy,) Apt (alongside Neil Aline,) and Canal Chapter whilea holding residencies at Leux De Gamin, Ella and Santos. Inspired by Wayne Ford, DJ Harvey, Mark Farina, Gene Farris, and Todd Terry, Antony still aims to be the humblest of crowd-pleasers. Also contributing to his creative influences are Anthony’s experiences skating for Zoo York & Supreme in ’97, B-Boying, reading, and doing Graffiti pre, post & all through the Giuliani era. When asked what his goal is when he performs, Anthony simply states, “ I want the guy in the corner that doesn’t even like dancing getting it ON!” (adapted from Bio by BVD)

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