by Bianca Von BaumHalcyon

Every disco generation has their hero, and UK’s DJ Harvey is one of today’s most revered musical icons from Honolulu to Sendai. A veteran of the scene for over twenty years, Harvey has taken the worldwide stage by storm from the get-go. Known for being the first to bring NY’s late hero Larry Levan to the UK, Harvey is considered one of the leading figures at the forefront of the country’s Disco revival movement.

Founder of the Sarcastic Disco parties in Hawaii and label boss of the former Black Cock Records edits imprint (serious collectors drop up to $300 on these babies), Harvey is one of today’s most sought-after producers and DJs. His name alone connotes a certain adventurism, interchangeable with words like eclectic, fearless, obscureand open-minded. Not only do these attributes shine through his music but they are what makes Harvey one of the most favored DJs to see play out. Full of energy and positive spirit, Harvey is known for his infectious vigor behind the decks – go hear him play and you’ll find nothing less than a grinning frenzy of head bobbing and body shaking manning the ones and twos. He is the wild child of today’s Disco movement, a genuinely fun-loving DJ with a true love for the craft, wholly dedicated to sharing his music far and wide through multiple collaborations, both musical and charitable. We could go on and on…

Come this weekend, DJ Harvey will be gracing the main stage at this year’s Movement Festival in Detroit – a huge honor indeed. Days ahead of his performance, we reached out to the man, the myth, and the legend and chatted about his band, spreading love in Japan and the Rwanda Ice Cream Project.[Read More]