We will broadcast live from Japan for the first time this tuesday , Dec/21st.

Our special guest DJ will be Aota & E-JIMA

Chill Monday

Aota has started his music at the age of fifteen as a professional guitar player in Japan.
During the early 90’s, he was in the band “Puffy” aka Amiyumi.
He left the band to make his own band “Cembalo” to achieve his real dream.
People recognize Cembalo’s sound as unique blend of Funk & Rock with Japanese lyrics.
After big success in Japan, Cembalo stopped playing.
Aota released his solo EP “Blue in Green” & remix EP with DJ Monchan from Angels Egg which is Ejima’s label.
Now, Aota owns a business called “Chill Monday” which is a bar/cafe/vintage shop.
Here is his mix which is recorded at the Cedar Party Room, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Disc Shop Zero

Ejima is the owner of “Disc Shop Zero” & the record label “Angel’s Egg“.
His shop & label does not specialize in trendy styles of music but he selects good music which lasts forever based on his diverse knowledge of music.
Also, he has a strong connection with Bristol, U.K.
Disc Shop Zero carries mostly Club Sound(Street Sound) – Break beats, Reggae, Dub, Hiphop, Drum n’ Bass. House, Jazz, Funnk & Indie Rock.
His motto is Do It Yourself !

Dec 21st/6pm ~ 10pm Japanese Time.
Dec 21st/4am ~ ?am NY Time.