The new book, Vinyl Lives: The Rise and Fall and Resurgence of the American Independent Record Store, provides an inside look at the contemporary, independent American record store, highlighting the role these shops play as valuable resources, both within their communities and within the larger culture. As one such shop, we here at halcyon were keenly interested in what the author had to say on the subject. Since we barely know how to read ourselves, we decided to get in touch with the author for a one-on-one conversation instead.

halcyon: Tell us about your earliest memories of record collecting. Can you recall the first shop you ever visited? The first record you ever bought?

James Goss: The first record album I purchased was Meet the Beatles. I borrowed $3 from my dad and rode my bike over to Worden’s 5 cents and $1 (about a half a mile away in a small shopping center), to buy it. The total experience of buying that particular album was a revelation. [Read More]