Mixed by Rissa Garcia (NightChild Records)

Born and raised in what was once considered the mecca of house music, New York City, Rissa caught the music bug at a very early age.”Music has and will always be the one constant in my life .” Ever since she could remember there was music playing in her head. She grew up listening to all sorts of rhythms from Latin to jazz, R&B to soul, from house to rock and disco to funk. Years later she made her way into the club scene. “I started to go clubbing at around 16 years old. My friends and I would happen to know the DJ that was playing and he could always get us in but at that time it was more about the partying and the whole going out with your friends thing. It wasn’t so much about the music until early 2000. In 2000 is when I discovered my home, a whole in the wall called Vinyl with a DJ named Danny Tenaglia. I just fell in love with everything about that place and especially the music. My soul just seemed to come alive and it completely engulfed me. From the lights to the vibe to the dark walls and the sexiness in the air, this is exactly what I have been searching for this was my Paradise Garage. ” Inspired by the man who poured his heart and soul into his music,along with many others who do the same, I began to collect records and learn how to dj. My first gig back in 2004 was at a small lounge on the lower east side and since then I have been lucky enough to have played some of the best venues in NY like Cielo,Love,Pacha,Rebel and PubIlic Assembly. In August of 2007, I started my own record label called NightChild records with a friend of mine. And over the past three years we have release over 20 EPs and continue to develop our sound and strive to bring you quality music from some talented young up and coming producers around the globe.

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