By NewYork Magazine

Last night the Limelight Marketplace opened to press and New York City luminaries like the Real Housewives and Richie Rich for a preview prior to this afternoon’s official opening. What was once a pulsating, sweaty nightclub is now a clean, glossy mall! Only it’s like the scaled-down version of something you might find in suburbia, with stores that feel more like kiosks than full-fledged retail outlets. We went to investigate with hopes of stealing a disco ball and acquiring some free lotions and/or chocolate. And all our dreams came true! However, we can’t imagine having a reason to return in the future other than wanting to show friends and out-of-towners how nice the new black-and-white tiles are and remark, “Can you believe that MarieBelle used to be the D.J. booth?” [Read More]

ZAKKA Opened New Store In Limelight!