By Patrick Hedlund – The Villager

A blurb in the “History” section of the Chelsea Hotel’s recently revamped Web site touts some of the countless boldface-named bohemians to have taken up residence at the legendary W. 23rd St. lodge. There are obligatory mentions of Janis Joplin and Bob Dylan, as well as artists Larry Rivers and Willem de Kooning.

After trotting out a few more marquee names on the newly burnished site, like playwright “Eugene O’Neil” [sic] and composer “Virgil Thompson” [sic], the write-up concludes, asking simply: “Who will be next?”

Judging by the hotel’s policy to stop renting to long-term residents — a practice that ended with the contentious ouster of 50-year manager Stanley Bard two-and-a-half years ago — it’s not actually tenants of the aforementioned group’s artistic pedigree that the Chelsea wants staying inside. [Read More]