Photo by Jarvis Jun Earnshaw

Recent News
Apple and EMI To Release Limited Edition Stereo USB – The Beatles.com
Massive Attack To Drop 5th Album In Feburary – XLR8R
Popular Author’s Audiobook Tries a New Format: Vinyl – NY Times

Upcoming Radio Shows
Monday: Funky Slice @ 8PM
Tuesday: Zakka Show @ 5PM
Wednesday: A1 Afterhours @ 9PM
Thursday: Mo Music Mo Life@8PM
Thursday: Bless Up @ 6PM
Friday: Halcyon Presents Nu Pschidt @ 7PM

New in the Radio Archive
Zakka 12.01.09: DJ BC (Guerrilla Sound System)
FunkySlice 11.30.09: Sakaki
Halcyon 11.11.09: Taimur Agha (Blk|market Membership – NY)
Halcyon 11.11.09: Mike Bryant & Doug Singer (Machine Soul – NY)
Halcyon 10.28.09: Taimur Agha (Blk|market Membership – NY)
Halcyon 10.28.09: Jeff Derringer (Octave NYC)
MoMusicMoLife 11.19.09: Yaz Higashiya