Mixed by DJ Moustachio (Academy Records)

01.Life N Def – Money Beats
02.Mc Tee/Mantronix – Fresh Is The Word
03.Lil Jazzy and Cool Supreme – B Boys Style
04.Cat Stevens – Was Dog A Doughnut
05.Fresh 3 Mc’s – Fresh
06.Gifted 4 – The Arrival
07.T La Rock – Breakdown Dub
08.DJ Watkins &Amp; Crew – Jealousy (Rap) Dub Version
09.Dst – Rock The House In Japan (Version)
10.T La Rock – Breaking Bells

11.Mixmaster Gee – Like This
12.Natasha King – Am-Fm
13.Z-3 Mc’s – Triple Threat
14.Fearless Four – F-4000
15.Phase Two – The Roxy
16.Doctor Rocx and Co. – Do The Roxanne pt. 2
17.Rockmaster Scott &Amp; The Dynamic 3 – It’s Life (Think Twice)
18.Davey DMX – One For The Treble Inst.
19.T-Ski Valley – Cut It Up
20.Duce’s Wild – Gimmick Inst.
21.Rhythm Based Lovers – Calls of Love
22.Cd III – Get Tough (Dub)
23.Cat Claw – Out In The Streets
24.Masterdon Committee – Funkbox Party (Live)
25.Art of Noise – Beat Box
26.Jazzy Jay – Son of Beat Street
27.Eddie D – Cold Cash Money (Dub Mix)
28.Ice T – Cold Wind Madness
29.Masterdon Committee – Funkbox 2
30.Herbie Hancock – RockIt (Short Version)
31.Dominatrix – Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight
32.Grandmixer DsT – Crazy Cuts
33.Stockingcap – Wave Craze (inst.)
34.Webboes – Under The Wear
35.Sparque – Take Some Time
36.Strafe – Set It Off (Remix)
37.Project Future – Ray-Gun-Omics
38.Hi-Fidelity Three – B Boys Breakdance Inst.
39.Paul Hardcastle – Panic
40.Micronawts – Letzmurphacrossdasurf (Dub)
41.Aleem – Release Yourself (Dub)
42.Gaston – Smurfette
43.Newcleus – Jam On It Inst.
44.Afrika Bambaataa – Perfect Beat Bonus Beats II
45.Afrika Bambaataa – Looking For The Perfect Beat
46.Kym – Give Me The Dance (Dance Mix)
47.C Carlos Ward – A New Way (Dub)
48.Beautiful Swimmers – Horizon
49.Jonzun Crew – Pac Jam Inst.
50.Extra T’s – Flash Boogie Inst.
51.Willesden Dodgers – 122 Bpm
52.Tony Paris – Electric Automan (Dub)
53.Luke Vibert – C.O.R.N.

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