Photo by Shoji Shohei

Recent News
MIRF For Marc Jacobs (Graffiti Window Display) – Freshness Magazine
Still Hoping to Sell Music by the Month – NY Times

Upcoming Radio Shows
Monday: Funky Slice @ 8PM
Tuesday: Zakka Show @ 5PM
Wednesday: A1 Afterhours @ 9PM
Thursday: Mo Music Mo Life@8PM
Thursday: Bless Up @ 6PM
Friday: Halcyon Presents Nu Pschidt @ 7PM

New in the Radio Archive
Halcyon 10.02.09: Gesine Pertenbreiter
Funky Slice 10.12.09: Sean Brennan (Downtown)
Mo Music Mo Life 10.08.09: Yaz Higasiya
Zakka 10.13.09: Eugene Tambourine
A-1 AfterHours 10.14.09: Scian Smooth
Mo Music Mo Life 10.15.09: Yaz Higasiya
Zakka 10.06.09: DJ Monchan