By Mog

When an artist is on a major label, it can seem like they have to go walkin’ in artistic no-mans-land sometimes, especially when you read reports that the new album you’ve been hearing about and clamoring for is getting shelved. This is what happened in 1999 to Q-Tip’s record Kamaal The Abstract , the intended follow-up to his first solo outing, Amplified. And like most shelved albums, it leaked out there and became one of the famous lost albums. But recently, someone decided it was the time for the album to see the light of day and it is being released on September 15. You should hear it, just to see what all the fuss is about. The album leans more to the jazz/funk end of the spectrum with an almost spoken word vibe. That vibe feels like musical poetry (in that it tries to push you) and just like poetry, its not for everyone. [Read More]