Start Time:
Saturday, August 15, 2009 at 9:00pm
End Time:
Sunday, August 16, 2009 at 8:00am
Industrial loft space
TBA via email (register at http://soundnoir.net/ for reduced price and loca
Brooklyn, NY
Dave Aju (Circus Company | San Francisco)
Kris Wadsworth (Morris/Audio, NRK, Poker Flat | Detroit)
Mossa (Complot, Thema, Mo’s Ferry | Montreal)
Anton Esteban (No Ordinary Monkey | New York)
Lenny de la Posso (Thema, Sound Noir)
Helping Hands (Sound Noir)

2 of the most unique US producers/DJs out there will be playing with us day and night.

For the past few years Dave Aju from San Francisco has been walking the line between weird and wonderful by the way of jazzy with his productions – which has rightfully landed him on the mischievous Parisian label Circus Company and led to the very famous Luciano remix of “Crazy Place” – a single taken from Aju’s conceptual album pieced together entirely of vocal samples. Take that acapella-haters! Fear not though his set will include much more than vocalizing:)http://www.myspace.com/daveaju

Kris Wadsworth on his part churns out some of the most distinct and powerful tracks coming from Detroit these days. At just 24 years of age he has mastered his native town’s gritty sound and infused it with a dose of subdued beauty that made them so popular with just about every deep DJ and quality labels like Swiss Morris/Audio, French Adults Only and German Poker Flat. Unlike many of the newly converted pseudo-D producers Kris forgoes all the dross and instead concentrates on extra-tough beats supplemented by melodic depth charges to make for tracks that seem to hit you in the sub-conscious. I could go on and on as Kris really made some of my favorite tracks of this and last years but let the music do the talking, hit the link.http://www.myspace.com/thedepthsof

Montreal resident Mossa, will be showing us his take on sonic funk this evening as well. Both his classical/jazz music training and his early obsession with hard-core is showing in his daring electronic compositions that have been released on such influential labels as Cynosure, Mo’s Ferry and Circus Company. First and foremost a DJ, his sets are bursting with energy and sounds that are anything but predictable. http://mossamusic.free.fr/

Our own NYC-town will be represented by Anton Esteban – resident DJ of the 5-year-strong disco/leftfield party No Ordinary Monkey. After experiencing their amazing dance-out last Sunday in WBurg’s Grand Ferry Park we are looking forward to hearing more of that magical psychodelic goodness from Anton’s crate. You’d better be prepared to traverse the outer space!http://www.noordinarymonkey.com/

Residents Lenny de la Posso of Thema ( http://www.neoday.net ) and Helping Hands will be present in high spirits to further define the Sound of Noir.

$10 on the list; $20 at the door
For reduced RSVP and more info go to http://soundnoir.net/

We would like to see you there, dancing;)