Mixed by Daniel Auster

02.Looney Tunes-Just As Long As I Got You
03.The Break Boys-Give Us A Break
04.J.U Ice-It’s Just A Groove
05.O.N.I.T-We’re Out Of Control
06.Bad Boy Orchestra-Do You Wanna Dance
07.Well Red-M.F.S.B
08.Royal Orchestra Ltd-Mykoos Melodee
10.Lil’ Louis-Club Lonely

11.Grackle-Jungle-Unit 4 Mix
12.The Brown-Get Beat Down
13.The Juan Maclean-By The Time I Get To Venus
14.It Come Fast(C.O.M.B.i)
15.I Found Morning(C.O.M.B.i)
16.No Give Up(C.O.M.B.i)
17.Kano-I’m Ready
18.Giorgio Moroder-I Wanna Rock You
19.Life On Mars
20.Love Committee-Just A Long as I Got You
21.Loose Joints-Is It All Over My Face?
22.T-Connection-At Midnight
23.Rafael Cameron-Boogie Gonna Get Ya
24.The Brother Johnson-Strawberry Letter 23
25.Jim Morrison-Ghost Song
26.The Steve Miller Band-Macho City
27.House Of House-Rushing To Paradise

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