By Camille Dodero-The Village Voice

Let’s assume you’ve plucked this fine publication, at least once, from one of its many red news boxes on New York City sidewalks. You might not have noticed that the container had been mischievously assaulted with a frantic array of crudely drawn stickers. Maybe it was a postal label hand-cut into a graffiti tag, a cockeyed teddy bear, or an anthropomorphic toilet. Could have been a United States Postal Service marker that asserted, in the unsettling third person of a prehistoric Facebook status update, “KOSBE FEELS LIKE SHIT TODAY.” Or a slogan meant much more sardonically, like the tech-ennui dictum “SEND ME TO VOICEMAIL,” scrawled on a rare Japanese mailer and signed by well-known graffiti marauder Neckface. Whatever the piece was, photojournalist Martha Cooper probably owns it now. “Sorry, everybody,” she says impishly. “I stole them.” [Read More]